Survey: What do we preserve in Gulfport?

Recently, several residents approached us and asked us if we could help with historic preservation. The short answer is “Of course!” but the longer answer is that preservation matters, and it matters to us that we do it right.

We are in discussion with the city as to the best way to do the following:

  1. Revive the Gulfport Historical Register for properties
  2. Help property owners apply for historic designation with the city
  3. Help property owners apply for designation with the National Register

Please note, the Gulfport Historical Society does not intend historical designation to change city codes. Participation in getting your property declared historic with the city will not mean the city can tell you what color to paint your home.

Before we can start any preservation efforts, however, we would like to hear from you. While the National Register has certain guidelines as to what can get designated, the Gulfport Register will not — but we’d like to know what’s important to you as a Gulfportian that we preserve. To that end, please complete the following 10-question survey (it’s anonymous) so we can tailor our efforts.

Thanks so much,

Cathy Salustri, president, Gulfport Historical Society

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