Gulfport oral histories

We found boxes of these oral histories — all on tape cassettes — in the museum. Thanks to your generous donations, we’ve started to digitize these interviews. We’ll post more interviews as we get ’em digitized.

Williams brothers — If you’re familiar with Williams Pier, well, here’s the oral histories for the Williams brothers. They talk about what fishing used to be like in the Gulf (much better) and what it was like growing up Gulfportian. This is about as real as it gets, and this 17-minute interview is a fun listen. Fun fact: Charlie Williams — one of their sons — was crowned Gulfport’s first-ever Mullet King.

We have all kinds of historical records, photos and newspapers waiting to get digitized, but we need money to get all that done. Want to donate to help our digitization efforts? You can make a donation here.