The Gulfport History Museum is available by appointment; please email us to set up a time.

Other hours by appointment and open during all special events.


5301 28th Ave. S., Gulfport, Florida, 33707

Admission: Free. The Gulfport Historical Society operates the Gulfport History Museum with generous financial and moral support from the City of Gulfport. As part of our agreement with the city, we do not charge an admission fee to view our collection. We may charge admission for special events.

Things you can do at the museum include:

  • Research the history of your home
  • View our extensive photo collection
  • Research Gulfport families
  • View the current exhibit
  • Browse the Square Mullet gift shop, which includes a micro-niche Florida bookstore. We feature authors like Gary Mormino, Jack Davis, Arin Greenwood, Jon Kile, and Michael Taylor — as well as many others.
  • Enjoy a cup of coffee

We have free wifi and water and encourage people to come and learn more about Gulfport’s history. We are also a gathering place for the community, and we welcome writers, readers, or people who would just like to chat with others. The Gulfport History Museum is your space; stop by and make the most of it!

We also welcome dogs and well-behaved children.

Want to volunteer with us?

Not open but you want to hang out on our porch or lawn? Please feel free. If we aren’t open and you’d like to use our wifi from our porch or lawn, please feel free to do so. We leave our porch light on 24/7.  Smokers, please take your butts with you.