It’s (Pet) Election Season in Gulfport, Florida!

We don’t have to tell you, Gulfport – our pets are the best critters around. And while we do a lot as a town to celebrate our fine furry and feathered friends, the Gulfport Historical Society aims to extend a tradition that recognizes their extraordinary purr-tential: the Gulfport Pet Mayor election.

Now the time has come for Gulportians to uphold our pet-friendly reputation by electing one of our hardworking doglegates, catdidates, and pork-liticians for Gulfport’s Pet Mayor. And better still, our election fundraiser will benefit not just the Gulfport Historical Society – which runs the Gulfport History Museum and the Gulfport Arts Center – but also Friends of Strays, Pinellas County’s oldest no-kill shelter.

Voting has officially closed for this year’s pet election.

We will announce the winners of the election at a Wagging In Ceremony at Gulfport’s Get Rescued festival on Feb 25. All proceeds will go to benefit Gulfport Historical Society, which runs the Gulfport History Museum and the Gulfport Arts Center, as well as Friends of Strays, a wonderful no-kill shelter that works to ensure animal companionship is accessible to all through adoption, advocacy, and services.