Your best friend for mayor?

And, of course, by “best friend” we mean your four-legged best buddy.

Hey there, Gulfportians! Something historic’s happening: We’re electing Gulfport’s first-ever pet mayor. A LOT of dogs and cats put their paws in the ring, and we’ve narrowed it down to 12 (well, 13, if you count the two cats running on the same ticket) candidates. Now it’s up to you!

Vote with your dollars to elect our city’s first-ever pet mayor!

You can vote here (below, click on the name of the pet you wish to vote for and make your secure donation!), or, if you want to donate by cash or check, you can do that at GulfPerk in downtown Gulfport (3107 Beach Boulevard S.). You can also vote at the museum during our regular hours, or by giving the donation to the pet’s human companion (who will make sure we get it and count it towards that pet!)

Voting runs through February 15; we’ll induct our mayor Feb. 22 at Gulfport’s Get Rescued.

Herewith, the candidates for Gulfport’s first-ever mayoral election! (please read all the way down before voting!) And, unlike our human elections, it’s OK to vote as often as you like.

Ty for mayor

Ty is the happiest most well-adjusted dog: quiet, gentle and fully present. His human companion calls him Buddha-boy.  He loves (in this order) people (especially women!), cats, children, and dogs. He is a community & senior activist — when his grand-mom gets lost, Ty walks her home; when anyone comes by or into the gallery, Ty gently walks them over to the artwork and then lays down. He is tall, strong, and quiet — the perfect Buddha Dog-Mayor for whom anyone could ask. Vote for Ty!

Max for mayor

He is a weird, happy, scaredy cat who loves playing in the sun.  He came to Gulfport as a tiny orange kitten a couple of years ago. Max’s hobbies are catching snakes and lizards, and eating treats. His orange fur is so soft and he is so handsome! Vote for Max!

Bunny for mayor

Bunny loves everyone and spreads peace with her loving nature. When she first meets someone she instantly goes to them for affection. A friend of her now-human companion posted Bunny on Facebook (at age 16!) because one of her friends was ill and could no longer care for her. We instantly replied and adopted Bunny. Bunny’s hobbies are snuggling, standing on her back legs and begging for treats and saving her Mommies from the squirrels in the back yard. Vote for Bunny!

Jezebel Petunia Buccaneers for mayor!

Jezebel is always alert to the comings and goings in the neighborhood as well as the bird and squirrel population. She’s never met a human she didn’t love and doesn’t discriminate in giving copious amounts of kisses. Jezebel was found running down 22nd Avenue in a thunderstorm two years ago and now she brightens up the day of everyone she passes in our neighborhood. She loves to make people laugh, which happens easily with the size of her ears! Vote for Jezebal Petunia Buccaneers!

Mahi for mayor!

Mahi is already locally famous, having been featured in both The Gabber and on the GPD Facebook page. He is a born leader and will not shy away from his responsibilities. At a precocious eight weeks old, Mahi his human, and he’s lived on a sailboat off of Gulfport beach for his entire adult life. He loves waitresses, dolphins, and sailing — and is a regular visitor to Caddy’s and all of the waterfront bars in Gulfport. Vote for Mahi!

Carlos for mayor!

Carlos is an amazing dog. His human wouldn’t be here if not for him. He’s taught her how to understand her disease and he has taught her patience. Over the past 11 years he has been her best friend and guardian. But not only does Carlos take care of her, he loves to take care of everyone else, too. If you’re smiling, Carlos is doing his job. He is amazing and brightens up any room he walks into.  He is well mannered, well behaved, intelligent, and understands several languages. He can always make a friend! Vote for Carlos!

Coco for mayor!

Coco is employed at the Historic Peninsula Inn as the Official Greeter. She loves meeting all of the visitors who stop by (as long as she’s not napping.) She also moonlights as the Official Floor Checker to make sure no dropped crumbs have been missed on the veranda after a busy night in the restaurant. Her human and the entire Historic Peninsula Inn were lucky to have Coco decide she wanted to live with them after her first family had to go to assisted living and were unable to bring her with them. Vote for Coco!

Shadow "Short Stack" Johns for mayor!

As a rescue dog and verifiable mutt, Shadow “Short Stack” Johns can represent a (Heinz 57) variety of Gulfportians. While on the shy side, he is pleasant around people, enjoys being the center of attention, and is willing to attend city functions, particularly if they involve snacks and treats. While he doesn’t look it, he is over 10 years old (possibly possessing the youthful “Johnny Depp” gene). He enjoys Gulfport for its walkability, picturesque sites, and attractive smells. Vote for Shadow “Short Stack” Johns!

Ember for mayor

As a puppy, Ember is our future! She sees the world with new young fresh eyes. She is very smart and finds that giving hugs to everyone she meets is very important. Ember was brought to Gulfport from Stuart, Florida and is raised with her two mommies as well as the entire Pasadena Pet Motel. She currently works as a door greeter at the Pet Motel. She loves to socialize with dogs, adults, and little children. If there is no one around, she is self-sufficient and will chase her own tail. Vote for Ember!

Lucky Licky for mayor!

Licky Lucky Lussier will make the purr-fect leader for Gulfport because of his proven ability to prance through every socio-political boundary he has ever sniffed his way into.  He came to Gulfport after his close friend freed him from domestic abuse. Despite being blinded in one eye by physical torture, he overcame and developed a fierce affinity for the forward motion that causes the wind to frazzle his hair; Licky Lucky lives to ride!  Licky Lucky may have a fancy for fun, but he is always ready with a necktie and a willingness to please. Vote for Licky Lucky Lussier!

Palo for mayor

Her humans have always joked that Palo is the “unofficial mayor of Gulfport” as everywhere we go in town, she becomes the center of attention. Humans everywhere greet her with warm smiles, the always-welcome treat, and lots of petting (which she loves). She loves that Gulfport is so pet-friendly.  Palo is truly a dog of the people/animals and is just as quirky and weird as Gulfport itself. She would be proud to represent all pets of Gulfport and promises to promote an animal inclusive way of life, encouraging all to be their own unique self. Vote for Palo!

Maxwell Perkins and Admiral Bird for mayors!

Maxwell and the Admiral are running as a pair — as they do in all things. Gifted with a fine literary sensibility as well as the instincts of a fearless explorer, the boys perfectly embody Gulfport’s curious mix of artsiness and adventure. As elected officials, they’ll pursue a platform based on all that makes life here so wonderful: ample greenspaces for romping, the charming custom of sitting on strangers, and a dedicated municipal siesta between 10-2 p.m. every day.  They enjoy exploring the backyard, hiding in boxes, and competitive napping. Vote for Admiral Byrd & Maxwell Perkins!

Cast your vote today and help elect Gulfport’s pet mayor!