Here’s what you need to know about Gulfport’s inaugural pet election.

Could your cat be Gulfport’s next mayor?

We all think our little Fluffy, Jaws, or Rover is the greatest pet ever—and, of course, we are all right—but did you ever consider whether your furred, feathered, or scaly BFF might have real leadership potential? Uncanny powers of purr-suasion? The command to stand up and lead the pack? A face that people just naturally flock too? If so, here’s an idea to give you paws: nominate your pet for Gulfport’s inaugural pet election!

We believe it’s high time Gulfport joined the slate of forward-thinking small towns such as Omena, Michigan; Idyllwild, California; and Talkeetna, Alaska (RIP, sweet Stubbs) that have elected pets to (honorary) public office. After all, we have our pet-friendly reputation to maintain! And while we cannot guarantee that our paw-blic officials will hold any real power—besides the power of unbridled cuteness! — we think it’s only fitting that we give our beloved companions this unique op-pet-tunity to distinguish themselves!

Think your dog, cat, goat, snake (or duck!) has what it takes to be Gulfport’s honorary mayor? Nominate your pet for Gulfport mayor here by Friday, December 6.

The fine print: All nominees must live in Gulfport city limits, and should be spayed or neutered (where applicable; it’s hard to neuter a boa constrictor). People will vote by making donations to the candidate of their choice; whichever candidate raises the most money will be Gulfport’s next mayor!

Voting opens shortly after the deadline, and we’ll announce Gulfport’s newly-elected pawfficers at Gulfport Get Rescued in February 2020. All proceeds benefit Gulfport Historical Society and Rescue Pink, the latter of which has helped pets get preventative care and spay / neutering services since 2009.